Students are requested to notify the school of illness or other emergencies necessitating absence from class and to arrange makeup for the missed class hours/days. Makeup hours/days will be arranged in a subsequent class. All course hours and makeup work must be completed within one year of the registration date. Students may miss a total of 3 hours of the course class hours, and still receive their certificate.


Students must be at least 16 years or age. Pre-requisites for the Designer’s Course are; successful completion of the Basic Course or 240 hours of on the job experience as a floral designer.


Upon completion of the course curriculum, each student will be given a practical and a written exam.

The practical exam will require the student to create an arrangement, a corsage and a bud vase utilizing the skills gained during the course. Evaluation will be based upon the 5 elements of design, 7 principles of design, and mechanics of construction.

The written exam reviews the information covered in the text and classroom lectures.

To receive the Washington Flower School certificate, students must achieve 60% or better on each exam. Failure to do so on either or both will require independent study and re-testing to receive the certificate.


Students need to be in class to receive the full benefit of the course studies. Unfortunately, situations arise that can prevent you from attending. In case of absence, students can schedule to attend future sessions and make up the missed material. All make up time should be scheduled directly with the instructor.

REFUND POLICY (Professional Classes):

If a student should withdraw from the course and cancel the enrollment; monies paid will be refunded according to the following. 

-For the regular course, if the student withdraws prior to the day of the first day of class, then the student will receive a full refund of all money paid, less the registration fee.

-For the regular course, If a student withdraws after enrolling in and beginning class, then the student will receive a refund based on the pro rata tuition / books and supplies adjustment schedule, less the registration fee.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT (Professional Courses):

All WFS students will be trained on the use of and will practice with the following tools, equipment and products; floral knife, floral shears, floral foam, floral cooler, floral food, floral adhesives, bouquet holders, wires, ribbons, floral tapes, floral wire, floral containers, packaging material and rose stripper.